Pioneers & "Firsts"
It has been five decades of an uphill journey, at times easy and at times strewn with impediments. But the fortitude to deliver in the most adverse of conditions, the team spirit and respect for each other and the ability to dream and the courage to realize this dream has placed TRF in an enviable position.

Defined below are some historical moments in the TRF Ltd's voyage through these last 55 years....

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Milestones From Year 2017 to 2018
Milestones From Year 2016 to 2017


  • Designed and developed smooth double roll crusher
  • Mr. P S Reddy appointed Managing Director on S L Deoras' completion of tenure.
    Milestones From Year 2015 to 2016


  • Promoted eco-friendly and safer material handling equipment by demonstrating capability to design and manufacture product powered by
        solar energy and monitored from distance.
  • Mr. PS Reddy appointed as Deputy Managing Director on May 29, 2015.
    Milestones From Year 2014 to 2015


  • Tied up with TIDFORE and CEEEC – both Chinese companies for stockyard equipment and Equipment for thermal power plants.
  • TRF launched new vision in June 2014 to achieve technological leadership.
    Milestones From Year 2012 to 2013

    3, 2013

    Mr. Cyrus P Mistry, Chairman, Tata Sons and Mr. Ratan N Tata, Chairman, Emeritus, visited TRF on Founder’s Day on the occasion of Golden Jubilee celebration and paid floral tribute to the Founder.
    February 23, 2012
    Agreement signing between TRF Ltd and Schade, Germany. Standing from left to right: Mr. Michael Wieland - General Manager-Sales, Scahde, Mr. Biswajit Shaw - Head Business Development, TRF, Mr. Karl-Heinz Fiegenbaum- Managing Director, Schade and Mr. Matthew Jones, Sr Sales Manager-Schade in Germany.  
    TRF and Schade, Germany join forces to offer higher capacity yard equipment in India

    February 23, 2012

    TRF Limited, a Tata Enterprise and Schade Lagertechnik GmbH have signed a strategic co-operation agreement to give TRF the exclusive right to manufacture and market Schade’s yard equipment in India. This agreement aims to fulfil the need for higher capacity Stackers, Portal Scraper Reclaimers, Circular Storage Systems as well as Wagon Tipplers, to meet the ambitious growth plans made by the Indian infrastructure industries such as power, steel, ports, cement, mining, etc. Under this agreement, Schade, Germany will provide TRF the necessary know-how, assistance and key components for making higher capacity yard equipment and thus ensure the success of this collaboration.
      Milestones From year 2010 to 2011
    High Energy Screen  
    Quad V Screen  
    Jaw Crusher  
    Mobile Crusher
  • Bay-7 was erected to add 5760 square meters of covered space.
  • In April, 2010, TRF took another step forward in the direction of globalisation by acquiring UK Based Hewitt Robins International Ltd (HRIL),
       bulk material handling equipment manufacturing company. With this acquisition, HRIL, bulk material handling equipment manufacturing company.
      With this Acquisition, HRIL became a 100% subsidiary of TRF Ltd.
  • Installed Asia’s first & biggest Radical Stacker Reclaimer (1800 TPH) in technical association with Schade, Germany.
  • Acquired 100% equity shares of York Transport &DLT.
  • Rain water harvesting facility set up to address the need of potable water in areas adjoining TRF Colony and TRF Works.
  •   Milestones From year 2000 to 2009
    1. On 7th July 2009, TRF Ltd signed an agreement to acquire 51% of equity shares at a consideration of US$ 8.67 mil of Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers Limited (DLT).

    2. TRF signs an agreement to form a joint venture, 'Adithya Automotive Applications Private Limited' with Tata Capital Ltd and Jasper Industries Pvt Ltd to produce automotive applications.

    3. TRF announces the issue of Bonus Shares in the ratio of 1:1 (i.e. one share for every one share held by the existing shareholders of the Company).
    As a mark of the company’s commendable performance in the financial year 2007-08, the directors recommended a 100% dividend for the year ended March 31, 2008.

    Vision 2013 was launched, as a proclamation of its commitment to grow five times in five years.
      Acquisition of 51% equity shares York TEA, Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker Technology Ltd on October 5, 2007, symbolized a new beginning for TRF Ltd. It was a major step towards globalisation.

    TRF Ltd scored an impressive 487 points (out of maximum of a 1000) at the last TBEM assessment.

    Several projects were successfully completed:
    1. Lignite & Lime Handling Plant at GMDC, Akrimota.
    2. Coal Handling Plant at Parichha.
    3. Raw Material Handling System – III, for Bhushan Steel Limited.
    4. Supply of Stacker overseas; South Africa, for the first time.

    TRF bagged its first direct export order from Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, South Korea for supply of a reversible stacker reclaimer for their project in Cirebon in Indonesia.

    The Board of Directors recommended a payment of 60% dividend, for the year ended March 31, 2007, which was 20% more than the previous.

    TRF Ltd noted an increase of 61% in the total income as compared to last financial year.

    The Company secured a conveyor system and equipment for raw material handling system from Tata Steel.

    In accordance with the policy of Government of India and the Tata Group guidelines, TRF Ltd adopted the CII Code of Affirmative Action with regards to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, based on a decision taken at its board meeting on December 26, 2006.

    Completed several valuable orders:
    a) Waste recycling plant at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur
    b) Raw Material Handling system 1&2 for Bhushan Steel Ltd.
    c) Boom Level Luffing Cranes for Indian Navy………………

    The Port and Yard Equipment Division won the largest ever project of Krishnapatnam Port.
    TRF participtaing in the Moral Re-Armament Training & Workshops  
    TRF participtaing in the Moral Re-Armament Training & Workshops  
    TRF was awarded the SERIOUS ADOPTION OF TBEM AWARD 2005, based on their performance in the TBEM External Assessment in 2005.

    TRF participtaing in the Moral Re-Armament Training & Workshops  
    TRF participtaing in the Moral Re-Armament Training & Workshops  

    TRF has diligently participated in the Moral Re-Armament training and workshops on a regular basis.

    Special Purpose Facing Machine

    The following years; 2004-05, was a statement of the authenticity of the technology furnished by TRF Ltd mini blast furnaces. Two blast furnaces, of 2.5 cubic m capacity and the other of 250 cubic m, engineered by the company went on stream.

    In the same year, on March 23rd, in a meeting of the Board of Directors, the Whistle Blower Policy was adopted for TRF Ltd.

    TRF designed, developed and manufactured a “Special Purpose Facing Machine” in-house to undertake the facing, drilling and boring operations for components of screens, cutting down on costing.

    Level Luffing Cranes at Tuticorin Port

    TRF, always one to create benchmarks, engineered and manufactured three Level Luffing Grab Cranes, the fastest in the country, which were dedicated to the Tuticorin Port.

    TRF Ltd continued to grow by leaps and bounds! In collaboration with SMS Demag, the company in 2003-04, in a bid to explore new avenues, began providing ‘design and engineering’ services for mini blast furnaces, while also adopting the following vision, quality policy and theme:

    The company shall be- “A premier provider of engineering products, systems, services and solutions, with a global presence and inspired team creating sustained value for all its stakeholders”.

    Quality Policy
    TRF Ltd shall provide engineering Products, systems, Services and Solutions that consistently meet its customers quality requirements in terms of specifications, performance and delivery, and shall continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System……..

    Company Theme [R-I-S-E]

    • Raise Stakeholders’ Value
    • Inculcate an inspirational environment through learning and change
    • Secure premier leadership position for Company’s Engineering Products, Systems, Services and Solutions
    • Establish global presence……………..

    For the first time, the Port & Yard Equipment Division- its Quality Management System was certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards.

    Hydraulic Plough Feeder for Reclaiming Coal at 1200 TPH

    TRF Manufactured a Hydraulic Plough Feeder for reclaiming coal at 1200 TPH for the NTPC Talcher Project.

    SCP Technology Adopted at Tisco's Battery No. 9
    SCP Technology Adopted at Tisco's Battery No. 9

    TRF supplied the Stamp Charging Pushing (SCP) Machine and the Coke Gas Transfer Car (CGT) to Tata Steel, in collaboration with Koch Tranporttechnik, GmbH, Germany.

    For the first time, the company, in compliance with the Accounting Standard on Segment Reporting (AS-17) and Clause 41 of the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges, disclosed the segment results of the four divisions for the second quarter of the financial year 2001-02.

    8 Level Luffing Cranes Supplied by TRF to Visakhapatnam Port
    8 Level Luffing Cranes Supplied by TRF to Visakhapatnam Port

    TRF designed and supplied 15-tonne capacity Electrical Level Luffing cranes, first of their kind in India to Visakhapatnam Port. These continuous duty cranes conform to BS 2573 Standard Specifications and have converter drive as a special feature.

    Moreover, the company’s EPC/ EPCM division was also accorded a Certificate of Registration under ISO 9001:1994 for “engineering, procurement and construction, contracting and project related management services”.

    The quality system of Bulk material Handling Equipment division was re-certified to be in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.

    Inaguration of the JRD Tata Learning Centre
    Inaguration of the JRD Tata Learning Centre
    Inaguration of the JRD Tata Learning Centre

    The JRD Tata Learning Centre was inaugurated on the TRF premises, thus addressing the long- standing need of an essential facility required for imparting knowledge to the TRF employees.

    Skoda Horizontal Boring Machine Inaugurated  

    Under the Year 2000 Compliance, the hardware, software and embedded systems pertaining to the different divisions of the company rolled over smoothly on the night of December 31, 1999 without any disruptions in the operations.

    TRF signed the BE-BP Agreement and the Tata Code of Conduct with Tata Sons.

    TRF’s Maintenance Department managed to successfully recondition, erect and commission a Skoda Horizontal Boring Machine Model WD-1604, purchased from M/s Telco Ltd.

    In the year 2000-01, the company signed a Co-operation Agreement with M/S Landers Maschinefabrik, Germany, for the manufacture and sale of grab buckets and for the conversion of shipboard cranes.

    Milestones From year 1990 to 1999
    High Angle Conveyor Installed  
    High Angle Conveyor Installed  
    High Angle Conveyor Installed  
    High Angle Conveyor Installed  
    High Angle Conveyor Installed  
    Tata Materials Handling System Bracing for Competition View PDF
    In the years 1999 and 2000, the process of Tata Material Handling Systems Limited (TMHS) and Tata Technodyne Limited (TTDL) with TRF started. TMHS is presently the Port and Yard Equipment Division and TTDL is operating as the EPC/ EPCM Division of TRF.

    The Company signed the Tata Brand Equity and Business Promotion Agreement (BE-BP) with Tata Sons Ltd and adopted the Tata Code of Conduct. TRF is committed to achieve business excellence through continuous improvement in all its processes in accordance with the Tata Business Excellence Model.

    An Association Agreement between TRF Ltd and Messrs Hatch Associates, Australia was entered into high speed and capacity conveying system.

    A surveillance audit for the Bulk Material Handling Equipment Division was conducted in December 1999, by the Indian Register Quality Systems. The Division was found to be in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001.
    As a part of the right-sizing exercise, TRF introduced an Early Separation Scheme for its employees.
      Cross Country Conveyor Belt System at Ranjit Sagar Dam
    TRF played a major role in the construction of the Ranjit Sagar Dam, supplying a 6.5 Km long Cross Country Belt Conveyor system with downhill conveyors. Constructed and operated by TRF, the conveyor belt was specially designed to discharge 11.6 million cubic river bed materials, used for the construction of the dam.
      Coal Handling Plant for Kothagudem Thermal Power Station
    In November 1997, the Company bagged the order for the construction of the Coal Handling Plant for Kothagudem Thermal Power Station, Andhra Pradesh. The scope of work comprised design, supply, fabrication, erection and commissioning, including civil work on a turnkey basis. TRF Ltd sold off its Steel Service Centre assets at Bara, Jamshedpur.
      National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) at Unchahar, Raebareli District, UP
    September 1996 saw TRF bag the order for turnkey execution of the package of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) power project at Unchahar, Raebareli District, UP. For TRF, there are many “firsts”- for the first time, the Company would be installing sampling systems imported from Ramsey of Australia, and the Rack and Pinion-type elevators.
    TRF Receiving Export Order from UNIDO

    The Company forged an alliance with M/S “Italiampianti”, a renowned Italian Company to provide the latest technology for yard equipment; stackers, reclaimers, stacker-cum-reclaimers, ship loaders, to mention a few.

    It was proposed in the board meeting to change the name of the company from “Tata Robins-Fraser Limited to TRF Ltd.

    As a continuous process of growth, TRF Ltd an MoU with M/S KST STAHLTECHNIK GmbH of Germany, for introducing a new technology- KLOCKNER Coal Injection Technology in the Indian steel plants.

    TRF Ltd was awarded the ISO Certificate for its products, which Mr Ratan Tata, Group Chairman received on behalf of the company, on March 2, 1996 on TRF Works premises, from Mr K K Tandon of the Indian Register Quality Systems.

    During the years 1991-92, several new products were launched:
    • Double roll crusher
    • Apron conveyor
    Moreover, the most up-to-date designs were obtained from M/S Kurimoto of Japan.
    Milestones From year 1980 to 1989
    Stamp Charging Technology’, the first in India, which would improving the quality of
    the coke oven batteries used in
    the steel plants (1987-88)
    TRF, through these years, continued to grow and enhance its expertise. The Company started manufacturing underground mining vehicles; load haul dumpers and side discharge loaders. Through ICICI lease financing, an imported gantry – Plano Miller with a versatile range was also commissioned. The Company also introduced the ‘Stamp Charging Technology’, in association with SAARBERG Inter-plan, West Germany, for improving the quality of the coke oven batteries used in the steel plants.
    In 1986-87, the letter of intent received by the company was converted in to an industrial license for the manufacture of 50 crawler mounted side dump loaders in collaboration with M/ S Thysen Rheinstahl Technik GmbH and M/s Dielmann Haniel, West Germany, and, 50 wheels mounted Load Haul Dumpers in collaboration with M/s MAN-Gutehoffnungshutte GmbH, West Germany.
    The years 1983-84 saw the Company’s application for patent of an improved wagon clamping device, used in wagon tipplers being registered.
    In the period between 1982 and 83, another laurel came by way of the TRF engineers developing new designs for the electromagnetic feeder and coke grading screen. The prototypes were sent for manufacturing.

    This year proved to be rewarding in terms of contract execution, with the commissioning of prestigious projects, such as,

    • The National Thermal Power Corporation’s 1200 tonnes per hour coal handling plant for Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station
    • Flux Handling System for Tata Steel’s new LD Shop
    • Limestone and Dolomite Handling System for Tata Steel’s Calcimining Plant
    Milestones From year 1970 to 1979
    TRF Ltd went on to expand further setting up an additional plant and machinery, comprising a vertical boring mill and a stress relieving furnace, during the period 1979-80. This fortified the manufacturing and fabrication process.
    The heavy Fabrication Bay was completed in record time of five months.

    A metallurgical laboratory and radiography facilities were also installed during the same year.

    The Company secured a major order for supply of three raw material blending systems, consisting of radial stackers and reclaimers. This concept is one of the “Firsts” in India- enhancing the operations and efficiencies of cement plants.

    The Government of India, Department of Science and Technology, recognized the Research and Development Department of TRF Ltd for a period of three years, valid till March 31, 1979.
    TRF Ltd bagged the prestigious order by the Haryana State Electricity Board of a coal handling plant, for their new thermal power station at Panipat, in 1975-76.
    Between the period 1973-74, Tata Steel acquired 6000 equity shares from Messrs Litton Systems INC; Hewitt – Robins Division of USA, hence its stake in TRF Ltd increased to 37.8%. TRF Ltd as a result, registered itself as an inter-connected undertaking, under section 26 of the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act (MRTP ACT).
    An incentive scheme for the Shop Floor Workers was implemented on a trial basis in the month of October 1972.
    Milestones From year 1962 to 1969
    The first phase of construction of the Company’s housing colony was completed by 1968-69. A Works Committee was established on July 4, 1968, and, on the same day a TRF Cooperative canteen was also started…

    During the year, a five tonne crane and a bending and straightening machine were installed in the Fabrication Shop. Some of the new products that were manufactured were;

    • Standard Duty Idler
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Rotary Plough Feeders
    • Apron Conveyors
    • Wagon Tipplers

    Production commenced on April 1965.

    Sales offices opened in Mumbai and Kolkata.
    In 1964-65, TRF Nagar was planned when the Company acquired 30.441 acres of land from Tata Steel on lease. The colony would comprise 136 housing units, necessary roads and civic amenities.
    TRF Ltd was incorporated on November 20, 1962, as Tata Robins Fraser Ltd. It was promoted by Tata Steel and the Associated Cement Companies Ltd (ACC), in financial and technical collaboration with Hewitt-Robins Inc. (HR) of USA and the General Electric Company Ltd (GEC) – Fraser & Chalmers Division of UK.
    • November 20, 1962 - Date of Incorporation
    • November 4, 1963 - Date of commencement of Business
    • April 1, 1965 - Date of commencement of Commercial Operation
    • August 30, 1994 - Change of name of the company
    • April 1, 1999 - Amalgamation with TMHS & TTDL
    First Annual Report was published in 1962-63.
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