Code For Affirmative Action

  • TRF Ltd believes in social equity

  • The Company adheres to the principles of equal opportunities, irrespective of caste,  whether in recruitment or career advancement within the organization

  • The Company is also committed to directly conducting or supporting initiatives to ensure an equal footing for socially and economically disadvantaged sections in the country at large, and specifically the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities

  • Towards the ultimate goal of enhancing their employability and entrepreneurship abilities, TRF Ltd is committed to creating and promoting access to quality education and technical skills and competencies for members of the SC/ST communities. Further, to speedily enable these communities overcome the social discrimination that has prevented them from realizing their potential as productive members of society, TRF Ltd will assist members from these communities for employment opportunities and as business associates, provided everything else (merit for employment; cost and quality for business associates) is equal
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