Operation and Maintenance Services Business (O&MS)

To provide complete solution for coal handling and material handling plant (CHP / MHP) in the power, steel, mines and port sectors, TRF Ltd. has set-up the Operations and Maintenance Services (O&MS) division to serve the end customer for an operational plant. This service is aims to lower total cost of maintenance and asset upkeep for the customer.

Apart from direct financial benefits, O&MS strives to provide customer with a safe and green plant, guarantee performance levels and develop trust amongst the customer of the service provided.

TRF has many strategic advantages and strengths which have made it a frontrunner in this arena. Some of the advantages that it enjoys over its competitors are as follows:
  • A Tata Enterprise and a well established brand name
  • In-house Engineering and Design, Manufacturing and Construction / Project group
  • Experience and Knowledge of handling more than 50 CHPs and MHPs
  • Strong, stable and clean balance sheet

Due to the above inherent strengths, TRF is capable of delivering value added services to customers in terms of:

  • Building confidence with customer for plant reliability
  • Simplifying co-ordination needs by the customer
  • Reducing supervision by customer
  • Minimizing risk of unscheduled outages and demurrages
  • Providing better and correct control over equipment operations and maintenance
O&MS Offering:
Frontline O&M work is carried out through carefully selected subcontractors (based on technical competency, past records with established customers and financial sustainability). TRF maintains a force round the clock at the customer’s premises to oversee and ensure that O&M work meets the stringent standards laid down by TRF. TRF also engages other service providers and OEMs for various service support. Additionally, regular visits of required personnel from HO enable plant to be maintained at a healthy level. O&MS division also periodically undertakes equipment health check-ups, condition monitoring and wear debris analysis. Operation & maintenance schedules are fine tuned to local environment as well as equipment condition. Safety and environment upkeep are of prime importance.

O&MS division operates from Jamshedpur.

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications / enquiry:

Mr. Ram Kumar Divisional Manager 07838383523 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mr. Gopal Prasad Singh ADM, Technical Services 09334009870 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Operations and Maintenance Services Division

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