Update from HRI 17 June 2015
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Hewitt Robins install new screens for Mansfield Sands new operation at Two Oaks Quarry

The Mansfield Sand Company has been quarrying sand in Mansfield for nearly 200 years. Operating from its long-established base in North Nottinghamshire it has built up a solid, countrywide reputation since the late eighties as a specialist supplier of a comprehensive range of materials for the construction and maintenance...
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 Walking the Coast to Coast walk for Hope Against Cancer because to raise money for Hope Against Cancer

Nigel and Simon are walking the Coast to Coast walk in memory of Nigel's wife Bev. They will begin the walk on June 16th and hope to complete it in 11 days. All money raised will go to Hope Against Cancer...
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Featured Products
Dewatering Screens

Hewitt Robins Dewatering Screens are designed to ‘squeeze’ out moisture in fine material to make it suitable for conveying. The inclination of a Hewitt Robins dewatering screen ranges between 2-5 degrees uphill angle to give a final moisture content of around 5-15%. Hewitt Robins can supply Dewatering Screens ranging from capacities as little as 10tph up to capacities...
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Horizontal Screens

Hewitt Robins Horizontal/Low Angle Screens can help in reducing conveyor heights, provide space for taller feed hoppers and can be installed where head room is at a premium. Our Horizontal Screens are driven by the Eliptex Vibrator unit which imparts a three-way motion to the screen with horizontal, vertical and elliptical components providing high capacity, fast conveying and sharper sizing...
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