Update from HRI 23 September 2015
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Hewitt Robins install new screens for Mansfield Sands new operation at Two Oaks Quarry

The Mansfield Sand Company has been quarrying sand in Mansfield for nearly 200 years. Operating from its long-established base in North Nottinghamshire it has built up a solid, countrywide reputation since the late eighties as a specialist supplier of a comprehensive range of materials for the construction and maintenance...
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Featured Products
High Energy Screens

The Hewitt Robins High Energy Screen operates at higher G forces than standard screens which means more energy is imparted into the material which separates the sticky material from the stone. Standard screens normally operate at approximate 3G whereas a High Energy screen operates at 5.5G – 6.56...
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Inclined Screens

Hewitt Robins inclined screens have become the world standard in bulk materials processing, proving their exceptional reliability and high productivity in the toughest industrial environments. Hewitt Robins inclined screens are designed specifically for long life and low maintenance...
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