Adithya Automotive Applications Pvt Ltd

TRF Ltd had entered into a shareholders' agreement along with M/s. Tata Capital Ltd and Jasper Industries Pvt. Ltd to form a joint venture, to engage in the business of automotive applications to provide end to end solutions through fabrication and machining for vehicles to be used as tippers, load bodies, trailers, refrigerated bodies, etc.

14 Cum ( Standard Box Tipper)   10 Cum (Box Tipper)   14 Cum (Tarpaulin Box Tipper)
14 Cum ERC Tipper Body   14 Cum HD Tipper Body   9 KL Water Tanker
7 KL Fuel Bowser   2 Cum Tata Ace Body   16 Cum Tipper Body

Congratulation to all at AAA!!!!     English     Hindi  

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