NTPC Vindhyachal


Vindhyachal STPP was conceived as a pit head coal based super thermal power plant of 3260 MW (6X210 MW+2x500 MW + 2x500 MW) capacity for which land was acquired during Stage-I of the project. Stage-I, II & III of the project comprising of six units of 210 MW (Stage-I), two units of 500MW (Stage-II) and two units of 500 MW (Stage-III) each is under operation.

The present proposal is to install 2 units of 500MW each in Stage-IV, thus making the capacity of the project to 4260 MW (6x210MW + 2X500 MW + 2X500 MW + 2x500MW).

The proposed power station is located in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, having a latitude and longitude of 2406'N and 820 40'E respectively. The site is situated on the North-Western bank of Rihand reservoir and is confined within the boundaries of the Singrauli STPP discharge channel towards South, Ballia nalla towards East, power corridor of SSTPP and Jayant Mine Township towards North. Renukoot, the nearest town, is about 50 kms away from the project site. The approach road for Vindhyachal STPP has been drawn from the peripheral road of Singrauli STPP.

The nearest broad gauge rail head Shakti Nagar Railway Station, is approximately 2.0 km away from the project site.

Major rail and road distances from the project site are as under:-
From To By Road (Distance in Kms) By Rail
Vindhyachal Lucknow 435 475
Vindhyachal New Delhi 850 925
Vindhyachal Sidhi 095 ---
Vindhyachal Bhopal 610 590
Vindhyachal Mirzapur 175 175
Vindhyachal Varanasi 220 ---

Equipment and services covered under COAL HANDLING PLANT package:
1 System parameters and Operation & Control Philosophy Motors
2 Paddle Feeders LT Switchgear & Bus Duct
3 Brakes and Clamps LT Power Cables
4 Monorails and Hoists Control Cables
5 Chutes and Hoppers Instrumentation cables
6 Belt Conveyor System Illumination System
7 Drive Equipment Cabling, Earthing & Lightning Protection
8 Belt Scales Transformers
9 Dust Control & Miscellaneous Systems Electrical Actuator with Integral Starter
10 Ventilation System Instruments
11 CHP Buildings HT Load Break Switch and Junction Box
12 Vibrating Screening Feeder Battery
13 Ring Granulator & VMS Battery Charger
14 Travelling Tripper and Bunker Sealing Arrangement Control Panel
15 Inline Magnetic Separator and Suspended Magnet  
16 Metal Detector  
17 Coal Sampling Unit  
18 Elevator  
19 Stacker cum Reclaimer  
20 Wagon Tippler  
21 Apron Feeder  
22 Side Arm Charger  

SCOPE AND SERVICES: TRF  is intended to cover the following activities and services in respect of all the equipment of Coal Handling Plant to be installed in Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Project Stage-IV (2x500 MW),

    1. Detailed design of all the systems & equipment
    2. Complete manufacturing,including shop testing/ inspection .
    3. Providing engineering data, drawings, Commissioning procedures and O & M manuals, etc. for the Employer’s review, approval and records.
    4. Packing and transportation from the manufacturer’s works to site,including transit insurance, customs clearance/ port clearance, if required.
    5. Receipt, unloading, storage, preservation, conservation and insurance of equipment at site.
    6. Fabrication, pre-assembly, (if any), erection, testing and putting into satisfactory operation of all the equipment including successful completion of facilities.
    7. Associated civil, structural, architectural and electrical works.
    8. Commissioning and completion of facilities and Performance Guarantee Tests after successful completion of initial operation.
    9. The furnishing of spares on FOR site basis and handing over to NTPC stores.
    10. Reconciliation with customs authorities, if applicable.
    11. Satisfactory completion of the contract.
  • The equipment and services to be furnished and installed as required .
  • Responsible for providing all materials, equipment and Services.
  • Equipment shall conform in all respects to high standards of engineering, design and workmanship and shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation.
  • To carry out a site survey to identify the location & details of existing facilities that may interfere with his proposed facilities & suitably modify his layout / levels to prevent dislocation of existing facilities .
  • Office & Store Buildings: To adopt pre-engineered / pre-fabricated constructions made of steel with single / double skin, insulated or uninsulated roof and wall coverings (fabricated out of permanently color coated metal sheets) for his site office and covered store buildings.
  • Use of ash and ash based products: To use ash and ash based products in works as specified & also use ash and ash based products in construction of offices, stores, staff quarters and labour huts etc In line with Gazette Notification on Ash Utilisation issued by MOEF.
  • Repair & Maintenance Facilities : To establish/set up at site suitable repair facilities for construction plant, equipment and machinery (like piling rigs, cranes batching plant, dewatering pumps etc.)
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