Rainwater Harvesting at TRF Ltd

Technical Feasibility Study on Rainwater Harvesting at TRF Ltd, Jamshedpur
TRF Ltd, a nationally well acclaimed Unit of TATA Group, is majestically located in the serene and lush green atmosphere at Burma Mines in Jamshedpur city. The primary objective of the Feasibility Study is to recharge the water into potential aquifer more than what is extracted from the subsurface. Another significant objective is to develop dependable domestic source so that the conjunctive use of surface and subsurface water can be effectively implemented. In other words, it is advisable to make use of stored rainwater during the post monsoon period and utilize bore wells only during summer.

The study has been focused to identify favourable locations to impound the runoff water, both roof water and surface water, so that the stored water can be used to stem the decline of water levels in the study area and raise the ground water table to get a sustainable yield of the production bore wells.

During field survey, it was noted that there are only 2 operating bore wells within the factory site and no water extraction structure is located in Colony Area. It is not an exaggeration to state here that the continuous extraction of ground water through the existing bore wells beyond the safe yield may result in alarming depletion of ground water table and subsequent drying of the bore wells.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for the Management to resort to various scientific methodologies by which domestic sources can be developed to meet the requirements of raw water for the Plant and Township.

Development of Domestic Sources
Detailed geophysical survey, including dowsing and hydro-geological survey has been carried out to identify favourable locations for construction of Storage Pond and recharge structures.

(a) Storage cum Percolation Pond (SCP) Inside Factory Site

A moderate size Storage cum Percolation pond (SCP) has also been recommended on the North Eastern side of the factory site. Care has been taken to design the proposed SCP on North Eastern corner after taking into consideration factors like aesthetic value, utility, extraction of surface water and immediate subsurface water.

An Aquatic Percolation Pond (APP) has also been recommended in the lawn area in front of the Canteen .

The scientifically designed pond with recharge shafts will certainly improve the water table conditions and sustain the yield from the existing and proposed bore wells.

Source Water
Roof Water from the factory bays, which is wasted as runoff, and surface water flowing through the storm water drains, may be diverted to the SCP after passing through scientifically designed de-silting and filtering arrangements.

Site-specific Recharge Structures for Operating Bore Wells

Recharge structures based on the availability of source water have been designed for the operating tube wells. Both Roof water and Surface water harvesting structures have been recommended for the bore wells located on the North Eastern and South Western sides of R & D Building.

Identification of New Bore well sites and Location of Recharge Structures

New Bore well points have been identified on the Southern sides of Idler Component Shop and Accounts Building based on Conventional water divining and hydro-geological surveys. Site-specific recharge structures (Dolomite Structure, Percolation Pit) have been recommended for these bore wells at the identified recharge zones of the proposed bore wells.

Recharge Structures for the Colony Area

Hydro-geologically potential areas have been identified on the Southern side of T2 Quarters and in the Children’s Park area for the construction of bore wells. In order to sustain the yield of the bore wells, a well-designed storage cum percolation pond has been recommended in the open area on the Southern side of T2 Quarters.

Source Water for the SCP in Colony Area
During survey, it is noted that enormous quantities of runoff water generated from the Western side (near Valley View School) flows near the proposed SCP. It is recommended to divert this run off water after passing through de-silting arrangement.

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